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Jun 14 2015, 12:35 AM
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like 2 or something</div></div> </div>
<div style='color:#504e4e; font-family:arial; text-transform:uppercase; font-size:10px; letter-spacing:0px; text-align:center; padding:20px; padding-top:15px;'>
Reflections are God's way of saying 'Fuck you'.
<center><div class="app4"><div>

It was the best chance she had and while that wasn’t saying much in reality; it was more than she’d had in a good, long while. There were invisible lines, drawn all over the Mojave – crisscrossing like longitude and latitude – drawn by the ever watchful hand of Weishaupt. Every day they closed in, closer and closer to tying her down and strangling her – every minute she didn’t outmaneuver him was a minute that could and almost certainly would be used against her. The Hellhounds weren’t the best of company, that much was obvious but fuck it – they were at least paying. An asshole who paid was always better than an asshole who didn’t. Though she did have to wonder at the intelligence behind any of this, how smart she was actually being. Sure – it seemed like a surefire way to make a quick buck and get in good with La Familia, but did the reward really outweigh the risk? Staring off into the distance – she watched the swirling clouds over Death Valley – she watched the lightning and witnessed the claps of thunder. This wasn’t gonna end well, no matter which way she sliced it.
<P>“Eris!” Time to go to work then. Turning to look at the man calling her, she wandered over from the cliff she stood on – trying not to notice how she never heard the rocks strike the bottom when she brushed them off with her steps. There was a motley assortment of people. Hellhounds dealing with paperwork and a variety of either new recruits or people the commander just didn’t like very much offloading weapons and handing them over to Cartel soldiers. “Eris, you’re going with.” She’d already figured that, gave the commander the slightest of nods.
<P>Apparently, her reaction was noteworthy. “No bitchfit from the Vegas girl?” She scoffed. “Hardly. Why the fuck do you think I came all the way out here? I knew you weren’t paying me for the drive.” In some small, recessed part of her – that was exactly what Eris had been hoping for. The relationship was already a rocky one – the Hellhounds were mercs themselves, not very well known for taking on other mercenaries as auxiliaries but she’d given them a convincing argument. ‘If I die, you don’t lose any of your own men.’ Dour, but fuck – it worked.
<P>The job was simple enough – pick up a weapons shipment, deliver them to the rendezvous and then someone from the Hellhounds would go with the Cartel down to Tijuana to make sure everything arrived safe and secure. Glancing out at Death Valley, Eris knew it was going to be anything but simple. The weather itself was going to be a plenty large problem – not to mention any earthquakes that decided to crop up. So far though, the Valley had been silent on that front for months. Hopefully her bad-luck wouldn’t bring about another earth-shatteringly ridiculous apocalypse.
<P>“You sure you’re up for it? Cartel said they were attacked on the way here by raiders. Probably Savages.” Eris shook her head, a small smile playing at her lips. “No way Lilith would send her people this far west when she can raid V.S.F. shipments free of charge. Especially not for this paltry sum, it’s Reavers; guns and flesh.”
<P>“You willing to bet your life on that?”
<P>“It’s not a bet.” She had to give it to him, he didn’t get flustered. He only gave her the smallest of nods and turning back over his shoulder – he shouted something in Spanish to one of the Cartel guys before waving over someone else. “Temperance! Get your ass over here. Meet your partner.”


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May 24 2015, 11:26 PM
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<label for="battab-1">INTRO</label>

<div class="spooky">
<center><div style="width:450px;height:450px; background-image: url(;"><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><div class="title"><div style="font-family: oswald; color: #8B795E; opacity: 1; text-transform: uppercase; font-weight: 400; font-size: 25px; text-align:center;">ERIS</div><br><div style="line-height: 60%; text-align: center; font-weight: normal; font-family: arial; font-size: 9px; letter-spacing: 0px; color: #6E6E6E;">LUKE, 21, HE/HIS, PACIFIC, PM/AIM</div></div></div></center></div></div>

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<label for="battab-3">BIOGRAPHY</label>
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<center><div style="width: 380px; height: 380px; margin-top:27px; opacity:1; padding: 10px; background: #FFFFFF; color:#000000; font-family:'arial'; text-transform:none;"><br><div style="width:352px; height:357px; overflow:auto;"><div style="width:326px; font-size: 10px; text-align:justify; padding-right: 7px;"> <P> PROJECT ERIS NOTES: DAY 1
<P>A truly perfect specimen, 13 years old, willful, athletic and in good health; I couldn’t have asked for better clay. She’s resolute, she’s strong, and she’s so frightened. Pretty, yet not so pretty as to draw the eye for too long, to stick in your memory past what it is needed. She’ll be excellent at seduction, given time.
<P>I do wonder though…
<P>What could’ve happened between her father and her? What was her home life like? Why sell her too us? And for so little? A child of the nobility, privileged. I don’t trust it. He’s a loose end; he’ll have to be extinguished. Oh…now extinguished? That’s a good word. That’s a trigger word, if I’ve ever heard one.
<P>This’ll be difficult, but I never expected any less. Once we’d agreed to fund this whole idea – we knew we were committing to something that hadn’t been successfully replicated since the second World War.
<P>But by God, she’s perfect for it.
<P>Let’s hope Weishaupt knows what the fuck he’s doing.
<P> [Subject is wheeled into room, she fights continually at her restraints and lashes out at anyone who gets too close.]
<P>Interviewer: What is your name?
<P> [Subject is frightened, continually pulling at her restraints. Agitated when the interviewer asks the question a second time.]
<P>Subject: Ada, my name is Ada, please…please, why are you doing this?
<P>Interviewer: Incorrect. Apply shock.
<P> [Subject screams as a charge is passed through her body. She struggles harder against the restraints, exhausting herself into a heaving mess.]
<P>Interviewer: Who is your handler?
[<P>Subject spits at interviewer. Another charge is applied, more screaming. Blood begins to drip from her nose.]
<P>Interviewer: I’ll ask again. Who is your handler?
<P> [Subject has worked herself into a hysterical frenzy.]
<P>Subject: I don’t have a handler, you fucking asshole! Let me go! You can’t keep me here! Do you know who my father is? I’ll have you all fucking killed!
<P>Interviewer: Incorrect. Apply shock.
<P> [Another charge, she’s begun to cough up blood and blood is seeping from underneath her finger nails.]
<P>Interviewer: What is your purpose?
<P> [Subject glares at the interviewer, she’s begun crying. Sobs wrack her chest, making her voice waver. She receives one warning to calm down, she makes an attempt so we forgo another charge.]
<P>Interviewer: What is your purpose?
<P>Subject: I…I don’t know.
<P>Interviewer: Incorrect. Apply shock.
<P> [Interview transcript ends.]
<P>She’s strong for one so young. But she’s breaking, little by little; we’re chipping away at her. She hasn’t retreated yet though, and Weishaupt is beginning to suspect that perhaps we’re going about it the wrong way. I suggested rape and other forms of advanced sexual abuse but his hypothesis is that if we go too far in that direction, we could accidentally push her into a ‘sex kitten’ program.
<P>She’d be useless then. Starvation seems to be lowering her ability to fight against us though, so that’s a ray of sunshine on this rather bleak day. Perhaps if we introduce narcotics?
<P>Weishaupt continually hounds us about the possibilities of electro-shock treatments applied directly to her brain but that worries me. Worries me enough that I’ve stated more than once that if it comes to that, I’ll back out.
<P>He hates me for it. I know he does. He smiles on the outside and pretends like he respects my opinion.
<P>But I’m in his way. I worry for my own children.
<P> [Subject is wheeled into room, she no longer fights against the restraint. The guard has a bleeding cut in his neck, nearly 3 inches deep. She missed the artery by centimeters.]
<P>Interviewer: Good evening, Eris. How’ve you been lately?
<P> [Subject says nothing. She only stares in her lap, using her hair as a curtain to hide her face.]
<P>Interviewer: Fine then, we can begin. What is your name?
<P> [Subject retains silence. A charge is passed through her. She grips her chair with white knuckles and seizes but makes no audible sound.]
<P>Interviewer: What. Is. Your. Name?
<P> [Subject lifts her head, retains silence.]
<P>Interviewer: Silence is taken as an incorrect answer. Apply shock, double strength.
<P> [Subject screams, her body lifts from the chair involuntarily, trying to escape. Her nose begins heavy bleeding.]
<P>Interviewer: Who is your handler?
<P> [Subject attempts to retain silence, begins sobbing uncontrollably. Double strength charge is applied. Her body once again involuntarily seizes. Blood seeps from under fingernails. She urinates involuntarily.]
<P>Interviewer: What is your purpose?
<P> [We believe subject is planning on attempting to retain silence, when she suddenly looks up, coughing up blood.]
<P>Subject: To kill you fuckers.
<P> [Double strength charge is applied. Her gums begin to bleed, she convulses again involuntarily. She loses control of her bowels and defecates as well as vomits.]
<P> [Interview transcript ends.]
<P>I hate being wrong. Electro-shock was the answer, it was always going to be the answer and I feel like I knew that in some manner, and I fucking hate Weishaupt for it. If I could, I’d strangle him with my bare hands.
<P>But it worked. She’s beginning to retreat, make a safe place within her own mind. Now comes the hard part; the balancing act. Keep up the torture, keep up the abuse. Let her believe her mind is her own. If we move too fast, she might break completely. It has to be a gentle takeover. We can’t startle her by bursting into her thoughts.
<P>We’ve come too far to lose her to impatience.
<P> [Subject is wheeled in. She sits at attention, her hands folded calmly in her lap despite the restraints. Her eyes are vacant.]
<P>Interviewer: Hello Eris, how’ve you been since I last saw you? I trust you’ve had a good day?
<P> [Subject seems to need to concentrate for a moment to bring her focus fully onto the Interviewer. She manages a small smile.]
<P>Subject: It’s been a fine day, sir. I’m sorry for the last time I was here; I believe I lost control of my bowels. I beg your forgiveness.
<P> [Subject seems sincere.]
<P>Interviewer: It’s quite alright, Eris. Let’s begin, shall we? What is your name?
<P> [Subject’s demeanor darkens and the movement of her jaw shows she is grinding her teeth. Whether this is a habit that she has picked up, or a defense mechanism is unclear at this point.]
<P>Subject: As I’ve said before, sir. My name is Ada.
<P>Interviewer: Incorrect. Apply shock.
<P> [Charge is applied, but the subject visibly tenses only a small amount. When the charge ends, she gasps for breath and laughs.]
<P>Subject: Oh c’mon, you pencil-dicked fuck! You can give it to me better than that, can’t you?
<P> [Double-strength charge is applied. Her body convulses, but she does try to rip herself off the chair as before. She gasps for breath once more.]
<P>Interviewer: Who is your handler?
<P> [Subject attempts to smile, her teeth are bloody.]
<P>Subject: I’ll suck your cock if you say I’ve given the right answers.
<P> [Another double strength charge is applied. Her body convulses once again, her nose begins bleeding and she begins howling with laughter.]
<P>Interviewer: What is your purpose?
<P>[Subject shakes her head.]
<P>Subject: I…I don’t even give a fuck anymore.
<P>[Another double strength charge is applied, she barely reacts this time.]
<P>[Interview transcript ends.]
<P>We’ve begun her combat training. She shows remarkable promise. Her perception mixed with her natural agility and her extremely precise aim makes for a very lethal combatant once she’s cleared for service.
<P>Her conditioning is going well, more electro-shock treatments and such. She’s beginning to build up an incredible endurance for pain. It’s an amazing thing to watch.
<P>Weishaupt is getting antsy though. Her periods have begun to become irregular. If she is indeed pregnant with his child, this could put the entire project in jeopardy. I told him he shouldn’t have done it.
<P>No one listens to me anymore around here. I’ve been wrong too many times. They think I’m a fake.
<P>I think I may blow my brains out tonight.
<P>[Subject is wheeled in. She seems slightly happier today, a smile is one her face and her eyes are bright.]
<P>Interviewer: Well? Don’t you look just all sorts of better than the last time I saw you?
<P>[Subject laughs, throws her head back with it. She nods her head vigorously, agreeing with him.]
<P>Subject: Yes, I’ve learned a thing or two, sir. I’m so sorry for how dreadful I’ve been.
<P>Interviewer: It’s quite alright, Eris. Are you ready to begin?
<P>Subject: Absolutely, sir.
<P>Interviewer: Wonderful. What is your name?
<P>[Subject brightens even more than]
<P>Subject: I am Project Eris, sir. The first in a long to come line of monarch-controlled assassins for the nobility as well as the Vegas Security Force. Eris is the Greek Goddess of Discord, and it is only fitting that I take my namesake from her due to my prime directive which is to cause chaos whenever needed via assassinations, theft, espionage and sabotage.
<P>[Subject smiles when the Interviewer nods encouragingly]
<P>Interviewer: Correct. Who is your handler?
<P>Subject: Director Weishaupt, sir. I’m afraid I don’t know more about him, but I assume it’s for the best.
<P>Interviewer: Correct, Eris. I’m very impressed with you. Now, the most important question; what is your purpose?
<P>[Subject deliberates for a moment, her smile growing ever wider as she apparently becomes surer of her answer]
<P>Subject: My purpose, sir; is what it has always been.
<P>[Subject somehow managed to free herself from her restraints. Tumbling across the table, she snatches the pen from the interviewer, stabbing him multiple times in the head, neck and face with the instrument before guards rush in. Subject single-handedly kills everyone who comes through the door, leaving just one alive in extremely critical condition.]
<P>I’ve done it.
[Signed: Director Weishaupt]



<div class="battab">
<input type="radio" id="battab-4" name="battab-group-1">
<label for="battab-4">SHIPPER</label>
<div class="spooky">
<center><div style="width: 380px; height: 380px; margin-top:27px; opacity:1; padding: 10px; background: #FFFFFF; color:#000000; font-family:'arial'; text-transform:none;">

<center><div style="margin-left: 0px;"><table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="1"><tr><td><div class="biotag">EX-MILITANT</div></td><td><div class="biotag">NONE SO FAR</div></td></tr><tr><td><div class="biotag">THIEF/FUGITIVE</div></td><td><div class="biotag">APRIL 22ND (22)</div></td></tr><tr><td><div class="biotag">HETEROSEXUAL</div></td><td><div class="biotag">RINKO KIKUCHI</div></td></tr></table></div></center><br><br><div style="width:352px; height:262px; overflow:auto;"><div style="width:326px; font-size: 10px; text-align:justify; padding-right: 7px;">
<br><br>Eris here is a ridiculously fucked up little ball of neuroses. Ten times as deadly as you are probably but only half so willing to kill – Eris is a creation of the nobility’s ceaseless decadence and need for absolute power. She was a regular girl at one point amongst the nobility before being sold off to a man known only as Weishaupt. A director in the V.S.F. as well as a man with strong connections to the Council – Weishaupt unmade and remade her, even going so far as to attempt to erase her memories of her original name.
<P>She’s a traumatized young woman, having been subjected to unimaginable abuses in Weishaupt’s efforts to bring her under mind-control essentially. The thing is, it didn’t work as far as Eris knows. She doesn’t feel controlled and when she was able, she managed to break herself out of Weishaupt’s control and the facility where she was being kept. This leaves her paranoid however, she doesn’t know what her triggers are – if it’s all been some sort of master plan and she’s actually on her way to murder a kid and she just doesn’t know it.
<P>She delights in making her own choices. From choosing what she wants to eat, to what she wants to wear to what she simply wants to fucking do. So far, she’s managed to keep ahead of everyone she’s sure that’s after her but it leaves her lonely. She works as a mercenary of sorts. She’ll steal and kill for payment as long as it’s not an innocent person she’s going after but Eris is also not a very merciful woman. She’s not a kind soul, she’s not looking for someone to share her troubles with. She’s a driven survivor and she’ll do whatever it takes to keep out of Weishaupt’s grasp.
<P>Friends are carefully chosen. People she knows for certain she can trust and even then – Eris tends to keep them at arm’s length. Not necessarily out of a disinterest in getting to know them or them her but the very real fact that if Weishaupt gets ahold of them – how long before they squeal on her? She doesn’t believe people would put up with having their fingernails torn out for her and she doesn’t expect from people so she tends to keep to herself.
<P>Enemies are the nobility and the V.S.F. especially but Eris distrusts almost everyone equally so it’s not hard to fall into this category. She kills her enemies with ruthless efficiency though and if you truly wish to end her or worse – take her back to Weishaupt, prepare for the fight of your life.
<P>Lovers are next to non-existent. It’s not that Eris doesn’t wanna be loved, it’s just she doesn’t think anybody is equipped to actually follow through. She well-understands that she lives a dangerous life and she doesn’t want to bring anyone down with her. She enjoys sex, she’s just usually unwilling to have it with basically anyone. Every so often, she’ll have a fling but it has to be quick and contact after can’t be a thing. It’s too dangerous to get attached to someone just because they give good dick after all.


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